Modal scarves


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      5 products

      What is modal?

      Modal is a very soft and natural material that is extracted from the glucose from beech trees. The material is very similar to cotton, but far less water and pesticides are used to make modal than regular cotton. This makes the material very comfortable, soft and more sustainable in production. Modal also has a strong durability even if it gets wet when washed. This makes the material extremely suitable for the manufacture of scarves.

      Modal, Flora Danica and Flora D

      Modal scarves from Flora D are unique scarves with prints, inspired by the Danish cultural heritage, Flora Danica. Our scarves carry on historical and beautiful illustrations of the Danish flora. We try to challenge the floral motifs in an innovative and creative way in our design, with great respect for the original illustrations. All flowers on our products are from Flora Danica and no other illustrations may be used.

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