Thin silk scarves

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      Thin silk scarves

      Our thin silk scarves in twill silk are perfect to tie in the hair. The long and thin shape of the silk scarves makes them obvious to tie in a ponytail or in a knot of hair. A scarf in the hair gives a sweet and feminine look. Use our thin silk scarf to tie your hair together, and suddenly the dull ponytail has got a stylish look.

      Our thin scarves for the hair are made of silk twill. Silk twill is an exclusive strong silk weave that is more "textured" in the surface than silk satin. Silk is a very soft and natural material that is more gentle on your hair fibers

      Not just a silk scarf.

      Our scarves carry the legacy of Flora Danica. All our scarves are designed with inspiration from the old, beautiful floral illustrations. When you buy a scarf from Flora D, you also buy a piece of Danish cultural heritage.