How to style your look

The silk scarf is known as a sophisticated, classic, and elegant accessory. It gives a classic and feminine look - no matter how you use it. The silk scarf has always been popular and still is. American actress Grace Kelly was one of the great fashion icons of the 50s and was almost synonymous with the silk scarf.

Silk Scarf Styling

The silk scarf has always been a popular accessory - even today! The silky soft and colourful scarf can be used for more than just tying around the neck and giving edge to any outfit. A scarf can be used for everything from a classic look to a street style look.

There is a myriad of ways you can style your beautiful scarf. We have gathered here our favourite ways. Hopefully it can inspire you to experiment even more with one of our fine silk scarves.

Scarf as shawl

Whether you have a large or small scarf, this style is extremely usable and elegant. Wear the scarf over your shoulders and either tie it with a loose knot or let it hang loose. Among other things, this style is very suitable on a warm summer evening. How to style your scarf as a shawl...

Scarf at the waist

If you have one of our large silk scarves, you can use this at the waist. Tie it around on both your jacket or dress, for a fine contemporary look. An extremely smart solution - Then you also have a scarf with you for later in the day. Also use it in pants and jeans as a decorative belt.

How to style your scarf as a belt...

Scarf as top

This style also requires one of our large scarves. Tie the scarf around your belly with either a t-shirt under or outside on a hot summer day. How to style your scarf as a clothing top...

The classic bandana

This style works with all sizes and types of scarves. It is easy, simple and gives a different look depending on the size of the scarf. Tie your scarf around your neck once and then tie one or two knots. It gives a simple, classic, and feminine look. How to style your scarf classic bandana...

Scarf as decoration

Whether you have a large or small scarf, it can be used as a decoration on accessories. Whether it is tied around a bully hat as the model or tied on your bag as a decoration, it gives a whole new and exclusive look. Again, a smart solution - Then you always have a scarf with you on the go. How to style your scarf on a hat...

As shown, our silk scarves can be used in many ways when styling your outfit. Have you tried one of these or other options? We would really like to see how style your looks. Use #floragirls on Instagram, then you can inspire us to new ways.