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      39 products


      FLORA DANICA DENMARK offers a large selection of beautiful scarves in luxurious qualities.

      Scarves with Flora Danica print

      FLORA DANICA DENMARK offer a large selection of beautiful scarves with motifs inspired by the beautiful Flora Danica floral illustrations. We have selected a number of beautiful floral motifs and designed a beautiful and timeless collection. All our scarves wear motifs that refer to Flora Danica, which is the design element of our scarves. We designed the old illustrations in new clothes but with great respect for the original expression. Our designs and motifs are designed to fit into the modern wardrobe but a sense of quality and detail. The quality of our scarves is important so that is why our scarves are made of natural materials such as silk, wool and modal. We believe that natural materials help to ensure that our customers get the best experience of our products as well as quality. Scarves are the perfect accessory. Whether you used a scarf for weekdays or more formal occasions, we definitely have a design that suits you.

      An elegant accessory - A scarf is a must.

      Do you like to pamper yourself or someone you care about then a scarf is obvious. We have both large and small scarves that provide ample opportunity to be creative and use them in ways other than around the neck. A large scarf can, for example, be used on the beach as a wrap skirt or as a belt. Find inspiration for styling scarves here.


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