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Give your outfit a new look with one of our beautiful scarves. At Flora D you will find unique scarves with a very special history and heritage. Flora D is known for its unique scarves for women with beautiful motifs of colorful Flora Danica flowers. Our motifs challenge the old floral illustrations in a modern and contemporary way. We have a wide range of scarves in several colors, sizes and qualities. Our choice of materials for scarves is carefully selected and all our scarves are produced in high quality. That is why you will only find scarves with us in luxurious materials such as silk, modal, wool / silk and cashmere blends. See our complete selection of scarves here. Our scarves can be styled in a myriad of ways. Style the scarf by tying it in the hair, on the bag, loosely around the shoulders, as a shawl or as a scarf top. Read our guide to styling scarves here. We highly value customer service and that you should have a good experience by shopping with us. That is why we deliver all our scarves in beautiful packaging and always offer free shipping returns.

Scarves with Flora Danica motifs:

Flora Danica is something very special. It is the story of an ambitious and detailed work about the realm of plants. Flora D’s products are based on the beautiful and historic botanical work. We have designed a collection of exclusive scarves with motifs inspired by Flora Danica. we like to experiment with how their elegance and aesthetics can be transferred to the modern and contemporary scarves, while maintaining the original drawings' unique pictorial material. We try to challenge the floral motifs in an innovative and creative way in our motifs and designs, with great respect for the original illustrations. All flowers on our scarves are from Flora Danica and no other illustrations are used. You can read more about us here.