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What is silk?

Silk weaves

Silk is a natural fiber in which the majority of our scarves are produced. All over the world, silk is considered to be luxurious and exclusive - and this is for good reason. When talking silk, there are several different weaves. Among the most widely used are twill, satin and crepe de chine. Below we will make you wiser about what the differences between these are and what the benefits of each weave are.

Twill Silk

Silk twill is a light and medium weight material, which is frequently used for scarves. The twill weave has several advantages. First of all, silk itself is a strong material, but combined with the twill weave, you get an even stronger material. In addition, the twill weave is characterised by creating a diagonal pattern in the fabric. The scarves may seem rougher than the satin weave, but still incredibly exclusive and elegant. The structure of the twill also gives a silver-coloured glow to the ribbons, which makes the scarves so fantastic to look at. All our 90x90cm silk scarves are made of silk twill. You can find them here.

Satin Silk

When many people hear the word satin, this is often associated with a fiber. However, this is not the case - Satin is also a fabric type - Even the most supple and softest. Satin is a type of fabric in which the fabric is characterised by a smooth, and often glossy, surface. Here there will be a greater difference between right and wrong side. Small silk scarves are typically styled around the neck, where they are folded close to the skin around the neck. That is why we have chosen all our small silk scarves in the softest and breathable silk satin. You can find them here

Chinese silk crepe

This is a machined fabric with a textured surface. Crepe de chine is an incredibly light material, with great durability and is also characterized by its matte finish.

At Flora Danica, we have the most beautiful scarves in both twill and satin weave, which you will find here on the website. Want to read even more about what silk is? We have compiled an overview of 10 benefits of a silk scarf, which you will find here. This one is guaranteed to make you even wiser on this amazing material.

In addition to silk, we have also produced a small selection of scarves in the most beautiful modal. You can get to know this fabric here.

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