About Flora D


The designs of Flora D are inspired by the original Flora Danica drawings. We find great inspiration in the plants, their colors and patterns. We want to experiment with their elegance and aesthetics to be transferred to modern and contemporary products, while maintaining the unique pictorial material of the original drawings.We try to challenge the floral motifs in an innovative and creative way in our design, with great respect for the original illustrations. All flowers on our products are from Flora Danica and no other illustrations may be used. This has resulted in a line of feminine products that have a modern design, but which at the same time respect the classic and timeless Flora Danica prints.


Flora D is a Danish brand. As the name suggests, we have found inspiration in the Flora Danica works and the beautiful illustrations of the Danish flora. This is the mainstay of our designs and products. We believe that our materials and products are of high quality, and therefore our collection of scarves is made of Genuine Silk, Wool and Modal.The team behind Flora D is a good mix of young creative forces and long experience.The founders of Flora D, Joachim Rosendahl Nygaard and Hans Henrik Nygaard have found a common interest in the more than 250-year-old Danish cultural heritage, Flora Danica, across generations.Joachim has a background as a freelance advertising photographer, with a great interest in history, architecture, fashion and design. He is heavily inspired by the original Flora Danica copper engravings. For him, Flora Danica is the concept of thoroughness, richness of detail and aesthetics.Hans Henrik Nygaard has a past in the jewelry industry and has extensive experience in product development and design.Hans Henrik and Joachim have together with a number of professional Danish designers and graphic designers created a new exciting and flourishing accessory brand, based on the history and drawings in Flora Danica.