What is the best material/fabric for scarves?

A scarf is the perfect accessory to add edge and color to your look. But it can also be a bit of a jungle to find out which quality of fabric to choose? We have made a guide where we analyze the most popular types of fabric so that it can help you decide which material/fabric is best for you and your style?

What is the best material/fabric for scarves?

What different types of fabric can be used for a scarf?

Scarves can be made from different types of fabric. We have listed the most popular ones below.


Silk is a fabric that is often used to make clothes and accessories because of its luxurious feel. Silk is made from the natural protein fibers from the silkworm and is therefore a sustainable material. It is smooth, soft and has a beautiful fall. When it comes to scarves, silk is a popular choice due to its elegant appearance, revealing properties, and high quality feel, as well as the ability to be easily dyed in different colors and patterns.


Cotton is a natural fabric made from the seeds of the cotton plant. Cotton is known for being soft, absorbent and durable. Cotton scarves are a great choice for those looking for a scarf they can wear all year round. A disadvantage of cotton scarves is that they can shrink when washed. To avoid this, read the care label and follow the recommended washing instructions.


Wool is a type of fabric made from the hair of animals such as sheep, goats and others. It is often used to make clothes because it is warm and durable. Due to its insulating ability against the cold, woolen scarves are popular in areas with cool weather, e.g. here in Denmark. However, wool scarves can be itchy and uncomfortable for some people when they wear them.


Linen is a popular choice for scarves because it has a unique look and feel. Linen is made from flax, from the flax plant and it is known for being strong, absorbent and comfortable to wear. However, linen shawls are not as soft as silk and the material makes the scarves a little stiffer. 

So what is the best fabric for a scarf and why?

All of the materials mentioned have their unique advantages and disadvantages, but for us, silk is our first choice for several reasons.

Silk is strong and soft at the same time

One of the things that makes silk so special is that it is both strong and soft at the same time. The fibers can withstand a lot of wear and tear, but they are also gentle on the skin. This makes silk perfect for clothing that will be worn close to the body, such as scarves. Likewise, the strong fiber shows that you take care of your scarf, so it will last for many, many years!

Silk keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer

Another great thing about silk is that it can be worn in any season. Since silk is a natural insulator, it keeps you warm in winter. But because it's also a breathable fabric, silk helps you stay cool in the heat. This makes silk scarves a great accessory all year round.

Silk scarves are better over time

Unlike other fabrics, silk actually looks better with age. The more you use and wash your silk shawl, the softer and shinier it becomes. This may be because silk fibers become stronger when repeatedly exposed to moisture, which is why silk shawls are often recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Silk is a sustainable fabric

Silk is a sustainable fabric. The production of silk actually promotes the growth of trees and other plants. Some silk farmers even use a method called "mulberry cultivation," where they plant trees next to their silkworm colonies. This makes the silk industry more sustainable and a better choice for fashion lovers who care about offsetting their carbon footprint.

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