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Large silk scarves

Large silk scarves with soft textures, sophisticated patterns with vivid personalities, captivating flora danica motifs that awaken the senses. Our Flora Danica collection of silk scarves is a true embodiment of the beautiful motifs.



    Treat yourself or someone you love to a luxurious silk scarf.

    FLORA DANICA DENMARK is known for beautiful and timeless silk scarves with unique floral motifs of the same name, Flora Danica. FLORA DANICA DENMARK makes large silk scarves for women. Our silk scarves come in many different sizes mixed among others, rectangular and square. Our large silk scarves can be used as a scarf or as a beautiful shawl over the shoulders. Our small square silk scarf is elegant and perfect around the neck or in the hair. You will find our small silk scarves here A silk scarf around the neck gives a light and feminine look, whereas a silk scarf over the shoulders creates a more chic and relaxed look. Our small, rectangular scarfette silk scarves are very elegant around the neck, where they can be tied loosely or as a bow. They can also be tied up in the hair or around the wrist. You will find our thin silk scarves here

    The silk scarf is an elegant and luxurious accessory that gives a sophisticated, feminine and elegant look. Silk is considered by many to be a luxurious material due to its good properties. Silk is light, breathable and a very good material for scarves, as it is strong in shape and thus less curl. A silk scarf can last for many years if treated properly. A silk scarf is a good investment even though it is more expensive than scarves in another quality such as. cotton, polyester and wool. If you take good care of your scarf, it can last for many years, it requires you to treat the silk fibers well. Therefore, we recommend that you do not wash your silk scarves yourself, but instead send it for cleaning.


    At FLORA DANICA DENMARK you will find a large selection of feminine silk scarves with prints inspired by the beautiful Flora Danica copper engravings. Our collection consists of selected Flora Danica illustrations as the total work contains more than 3200 copper engravings. You can read more about Flora Danica here. All our silk scarves are inspired by Flora Danica, which is the cornerstone of our design. We try to challenge the old illustrations in a new and Nordic expression while maintaining respect for the old illustrations. We have designed a collection of exclusive silk scarves with motifs that fit into a modern wardrobe. We care a lot about the quality of the silk we use for our scarves. You can be sure that all our scarves for women, regardless of the material, are produced with a guarantee of a high quality. We produce scarves in natural materials such as silk, wool and modal to ensure that our scarves not only look delicious, but are also comfortable to wear. If you are in doubt about what modal is, we have made a description of the material here. Whether you used a silk scarf for weekdays or more formal occasions, we definitely have a motif that matches you. Our scarves also come in other qualities. You will find the collection of all our scarves here

    Silk scarf - An accessory you can not do without.

    A scarf can be styled in many different ways and most people own more than one. At you will find a wide selection of silk scarves for different styles.

    All our scarves carry motifs designed and inspired by Flora Danica. Style fx. the scarf in your hair, over your shoulders as a shawl or as an extra accessory on your bag.

    How can you style your scarves? We have made a small post that can give you inspiration to style your silk scarf in new ways. You can find the post here


    We always offer free shipping and returns on our products. Delivery takes place within 1-3 working days. All our scarves come wrapped in the finest gift packaging, so the scarf is ready to give to someone you care about. If you have questions or anything else you are in doubt about, you are always welcome to send us an email or call us. You will find our contact information here

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