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beautiful flora danica
silk scarves

silk scarves
with unique Flora Danica motifs
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silk scarves
with unique Flora Danica motifs
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say it with flowers
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Flowers are the story of love. When nature effortlessly and generously beautifies the world and colors the season.

FLORA DANICA DENMARK has found inspiration in the great Danish work Flora Danica, which is one of our nation's greatest contributions to the Age of Enlightenment. This fascination and curiosity for the Danish flora has helped to create a unique reference work with no less than 3240 detailed illustrations of plants and fungi. We have fallen in love with the beautiful drawings and the contribution this old work has had historically. This is clearly presented in our products, which are inspired by Flora Danica. We use the individual flowers in our designs and prints to create an expression that we think is feminine, beautiful and timeless.

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Flora danica
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