a blooming autumn
with flora danica

Silk scarves
with unique Flora Danica motifs
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silk scarves
with unique Flora Danica motifs
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toiletry bags
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Shoulder bags
With blooming Flora Danica lining
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Flora Danica and Flora D

Flora D silk scarves

Get inspired by our Flora Danica universe

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A unique gift

Flora D - Beautiful scarves with a unique story.

Welcome to Flora D. We are happy for you to visit and shop with us. Here you will find scarves in the best qualities such as silk, wool, cashmere and modal. We offer you the most beautiful scarves for women. We are constantly updating the range with new designs with beautiful and unique motifs. In our range you will always find a large selection of high quality scarves to suit the season. As the name Flora D indicates, all our designs are inspired by the story Flora Danica contains. The respect for Flora Danica must also be visible in our designs! Therefore, there is always a clear reference to Flora Danica in our motifs and prints. You can read more about why Flora Danica is so unique and special her

Choose a scarf from Flora D. Flora D is a Danish accessory brand whose design is inspired by the traditional Flora Danica drawings. In the years between 1761 and 1883, wild, Scandinavian plants and flowers were categorized and drawn on 3,240 copper-engraved posters. Flora D was allowed to sit in a locked room at the State Library and study the many beautiful posters. Then we re-designed selected motifs and patterns to create the scarves that today make up Flora D.
- We will pass on the tradition and heritage of Flora Danica by creating unique scarves and accessories that women can carry with them. everyday life and enjoy for many years. We work from a combination of creativity, professionalism and a humble respect for history. You will find our beautiful Flora Danica scarves here

A beautiful gift. Are you looking for a gift and do not quite know what to choose? A scarf from Flora D is always a hit. The beautiful and timeless Flora Danica floral motifs will always be popular and beautiful to look at. We always pack all our scarves in a beautiful package so it is ready to give away.

Get delivered quickly with free shipping! At Flora D, you can sit at the computer at home and choose exactly the scarves you want to wear this season or which you would like to give as a gift. We strive to offer and deliver a good experience to our customers when you buy a scarf from us. Therefore, shipping and returns are always free at Flora D in Denmark. You can read more about shipping and returns at the bottom of the page

Scarves. Our customers deserve only the best, which is why our scarves are made in the best qualities. We carefully select our manufacturers to ensure that they all live up to our requirements and expectations for good quality and conditions. We have scarves in the finest colors, most beautiful patterns and softest materials, to give you the best experience and feeling of luxury. We offer scarves in both exclusive materials such as silk and cashmere wool but also sustainable alternatives to cotton such as modal. Are you in doubt about what modal is? Then we have made a small description of the delicious material here