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      Silk scarves

      A silk scarf for women is a must-have in the wardrobe. It is an indispensable acessory for the fashion conscious woman. Silk scarves can provide the final detail to complete the outfit. At Flora Danica you will find a large selection of silk scarves and scarves in exclusive and natural materials such as silk, modal, wool and cashmere.

      We do not compromise on our quality and therefore use only the best natural raw materials for the manufacture of our scarves. You will find silk scarves in several different sizes, colors and with unique prints.

      Silk scarves fit everything from shirts, t-shirts, dresses and provide a great complement to what you are wearing. A scarf around your neck creates an extra exclusive twist to your outfit.

      Flora Danica.

      At FLORA DANICA DENMARK we have a large selection of scarves. Our prints and motifs are inspired by the Danish cultural heritage, Flora Danica. This makes our designs and prints completely unique. We have great respect for the old flowers copper print. Therefore, our designs are also prepared by experienced Danish designers and produced in quality materials. We have a wide variety of silk scarves that are modern and timeless. Our prints are not trend-based, but developed based on the idea of ​​long durability. That is why we believe that our motifs are beautiful, as we believe that a beautiful scarf is always modern.

      Silk scarves styling

      A silk scarf can be styled in a myriad of ways. Are you looking for a raw look, a sophisticated style, a classic look or a casual way of dressing? Then a scarf can always be used. It is only the imagination that sets the limits of how you can style silk scarves.


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