Small silk scarves


With great respect and inspiration from the Danish cultural heritage, Flora Danica, we design aesthetic and classic silk scarves that adorn this versatile accessory with feminine and delicate flower and plant motifs.

Use the fine silk scarves around the neck, as a shawl or in the hair.

A scarf gives many opportunities.

Our small scarves come in different colors, sizes, and allow you to create your very own unique look. What can you do with small scarves? Here it is only the imagination that sets the limits for ways to style the fine accessory. You will find a selection of small scarves in our collection which are perfect to tie around the neck, wrist, style in the hair or as an extra accessory for your bag. A silk bandana is therefore a must-have in your wardrobe.

High quality and luxury.

Our small scarves are adorned with floral motifs from the classic Flora Danica illustrations. We have made a post about Flora Danica you can read here. We produce in exclusive qualities and use 100% silk for our small scarf bandanas which come in several different motifs and colors, so you can choose the bandana that suits your style and wardrobe. When you tie a scarf in your hair, silk is the best material for the hair as silk fibers contain 100% amino acids and have a similar structure with human hair. Small scarves in silk can easily be used as a year-round scarf, as the silk both keeps you warm, but also has cooling properties in the summer. No matter what type of scarf you want, we ensure you high quality, design and luxury at Flora D. 


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